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Under 9 Round 9 The Gap Vs Mayne

A very cool morning greeted the Mayne players as they made their way out to the Gap for what is the equivalent of our interstate trip to face The Dragons. “Are we there yet” was a commonly asked question amongst the travelling Mayne players during the drive but all arrived safe and sound, with the exception of Henry and Blair who were still enjoying the holidays. Although the ground was damp underfoot early it was bathed in sunshine by the time Captain Xavier Wyer led the team onto the field for the first bounce.

Two weeks of pent up frustration was released as the 1st quarter commenced with The Gap attacking early. The Mayne defence quickly snuffed this out however and sent the ball forward and into the Mayne forward line. Archie made the most of this opportunity and snapped the first goal of the game. From the corresponding bounce the ball again was sent into the Mayne forward line and this time Kai did his best impression of Eddie Bett’s running along the boundary line, across the face of goal before slotting through for a major. The Gap then took the ball from the bounce and went straight on the attack and a small error in the Mayne defence led to The Gap scoring their first major.

The 2nd qtr began with Mayne really starting to take control of the contest with some ferocious tackling. The ball quickly found itself in the Mayne forward half and Charlie managed to get away a kick that could be best described as a worm hunter but went through for a major. Captain Xavier took a contender for mark of the during the quarter which drew all round of applause from the crowd and then late in the quarter came the best phase of play for the entire game. Harrison gathered possession deep in the Mayne defence and kicked to Lachie who marked just in the centre. Lachie quickly turned and kicked to Harry who took a great contested mark right on the edge of the centre/forward line. Harry then kicked directly to Hudson who took a mark in the forward zone and kicked for goal. In the blink of an eye the boys had gone from end of the ground to the other with The Gap players mere observers.

The 3rd qtr saw The Gap start to work their way into the game and a real arm wrestle began to take place. Some great play however was exhibited with firstly Harrison running back with the flight of the ball into the pack Jonathan Brown like and spoiling. Unfortunately Harrison hurt his wrist in this piece of play and had to come from the ground for the remainder of the qtr. Another fearless act was by Luke who fisted the ball away in a pack marking contest and later bravely threw himself into a contest. Not to be outdone late in the quarter Xavier took a great mark up forward and then kicked a monster of a bomb which although only registered a behind drew gasps from the crowd.

The 4th qtr was a continuation of the third with both teams asking for and giving no quarter. The Gap sensed that The Tigers were physically trying to dominate the contest and began to try and match the intensity. Mayne however kept coming and were hunting in packs with some great gang tackles being laid. This is one of many areas of the game in which the boys have really improved over the season and it’s great to see them supporting their team mates. Mayne had a number of opportunity to add to the scoreboard during this period but unfortunately couldn’t convert with the final siren closing the days proceedings.

After a couple of weeks off the boys sang the song with great gusto as they left the field. Player of the match was awarded to Hudson who had a great all round game in all areas of the ground and three cheers given for our Captain for the day Xavier.

Many thanks also to all the boys for the birthday wishes……. After waking up and spending the first 15 mins of the day sobbing uncontrollably at the bottom of the shower and cheered me up!