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Under 9 Round 5 Mayne Vs Wilston Grange Green

Round 4 of season 2017 saw Mayne Tigers at home against the Wilston Grange (Green) Gorillas with clear blue sky’s greeting both teams. Captain Archie proudly led the team out onto the field to the cheers of the Yellow and Black army as anticipation mounted.

The 1st qtr got underway and it became apparent very quickly that both teams were evenly matched. The Gorillas appeared to have a significant height advantage but the Tigers more than made up with this with tenacity in the tackle and some great crumbing work around the centre of the ground. It was clear early that the ump was going to penalise the ball carrier if caught with little or no prior opportunity being given. The ball tended to stay in the centre and in the Tigers defensive half with the Gorillas continually threatening. Some good defensive work and distribution out of the back from Harry and Hudson helped relieve much of the pressure.

The 2nd qtr followed much of the first with both teams evenly matched and strong contest around the ball. Mayne started to get more ball into their forward half during this period with Archie, Brodie and Lucas all threatening to score. Unfortunately Wilston were able to restrict Mayne from registering any majors although late in the quarter Charlie had a fantastic long range shot from goal that was just touched on line.

The 3rd qtr started after some well-earned oranges were had by the boys at half time and the energy boost they provided was need as Wilston ramped up the pressure. Once again Mayne’s defence was under real pressure but again it stood up with some great tackles being laid particularly by Jack. In the centre Lachie, Zavier and Blair were also doing some great defensive work with Henry adding his usual dash as he attempted to duck and weave his way forward. At this stage the team were following the half time team talk and focussing on spreading when they had the ball and marking up when not in possession.

The 4th qtr started with Harrison laying a great ball and all tackle and being rewarded by the umpire. Harrison quickly followed this up with a great goal after some good lead up work by Henry. From the corresponding bounce Wilston went back on the attack but some great efforts by Kai, Finnlay and Alistair in the back half of the ground minimised the damage. The final siren sounded to finish a hard day at the office for the Tigers but the effort and tenacity shown couldn’t be questioned. Special mention goes to Captain Archie who led the team from the front all day and Jack who was awarded man of the match for his tackling and defensive work.