Under 10 Black Round 1 Mayne Vs Everton Gold

Footy returned after much anticipation as the U10B Tigers took to the field lead by Jackson Williams to match up with Everton Gold.

As expected, the first few minutes, where about as skittish as Donald Trump at 3am on twitter. However the Tigers soon found their groove dominating to centre zone, thanks to Jax, Bennet, Joey and Thomas. Bennet was non-stop in the ruck and Jax turning defence into attack with some crucial tackles to turn the ball over.

Our forward line quickly dominated play with a glut of possession. First chance of the season went to Jack, who sprayed a behind from a set shot 20 metres out, for the team first score. Nick C followed suit and again the radar was slightly off with another behind. In the very next play Jack crashes loose the ball from a great tackle which rolls into the arms of Nick C, who slots the first goal of the season for the team.

A massive clearing kick from the centre then finds Sophie lurking on the forward zone line. Twenty-five metres out, her spiralling torp crashes into the base of the goal post, missing what would have been a top contender for Goal of the year at season’s end. Nick C and Jack contributed two more goals ending a dominating first quarter

Second quarter starts off with Joey slotting a behind off a Pat clearance from the centre. Everton started to find some fight and by quarters end, Thomas had claimed a goal and a behind to end another dominating quarter.

Third quarter saw the tide turn dramatically – after resisting any breach of our post for 23 minutes – Everton put on two goals and two behinds in the space of 90 SECONDS! Our defence had developed more holes than a crumpet. On cue Nick C changes the momentum with a crunching tackle that gained possession, which saw the ball remain in our forward line for the rest of the quarter.

Myles got involved twice interchanging with Pat, resulting in the first goal of the quarter for the team. The next minute saw Myles again involved with a set shot for goal that just brushed over the face of all four posts.

Momentum was again starting to wane, when all of a sudden a thud is heard from across the ground by the spectators – as one they turn to see a crumpled Everton player gingerly raising to his feet after being collected by a Reece Napper special – it was written last year about this player – like a dentist with a bloodied mask you need to avoid Reece when he is in these moods. The play results in possession of the pill and Nic Dalton cashing in on two behind. One of these was a cracker from wide out on a huge angle – despite his attempted head tilts to steer the ball through, it shaved the post – it would have been a beauty.

The final quarter saw further domination from the tigers. Nick C sneering another goal and a behind, with Jack nailing a major after Nick C pulled off yet another smashing tackle, that dislodged the ball into Jack’s hands. Centre clearance dominated with great possession and fantastic interplay between the Dalton brothers and Thomas – three occasions the boys used the same play that saw the pill move into our forward line.

Special mention to Harrison Corser, who helped out as a reserve for the game and came on to play a crucial part at fullback – foiling an opponent goal by getting his hands to the ball in time.

Thanks to Jackson for displaying great leadership – ensuring the game was played in the right spirit and handshakes all around at the end for the Everton team and the umpire. Everyone had an outstanding start to the season. Players of the match were Nick C, Reese and Pat.

The team circled and grabbed it in tight for a rousing rendition of Tigerland!