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Under 9s Round 3 Ferny Grove Vs Mayne

Cut lunches were packed and toilet stops planned for the long trip out to Ferny Grove for the round 3 clash between the Mayne Tigers and the Ferny Grove Falcons. Cloudy overcast conditions greeted the team as they were led through the banner led by Captain Kai Mills.

The 1st qtr got underway with Mayne’s midfield immediately going on the attack sending the ball into the forward line where Brodie, playing his first game for the year took a strong mark directly in front. Unfortunately for the Ferny Grove player manning the mark, Brodie’s kick for goal followed a much lower trajectory than expected hitting the Ferny Grove defender in a spot that drew instant groans of sympathy from all the male spectators in the ground. Unrepentant Mayne continued to pile on the pressure resulting in a goals for both Charlie and Brodie.

The 2nd qtr saw a complete turnaround of events as Ferny Grove relentlessly attacked Mayne’s defence. Some great tackling from the Mayne backline of Alistair, Charlie, Jack, Brodie and Lucas resulted in only mere flesh wounds rather than outright carnage and they were aptly supported by their midfield who looked to clear the ball at every opportunity. One entry in particular led to a goal to Archie who on gathering the ball showed more dummies than Madame Tussauds to bamboozle the Ferny Grove defence before splitting the big sticks. After a titanic 1st half battle the siren sounded for a well-earned orange and drinks break.

The 3rd qtr saw much of the action in the midfield as both teams continued to pressure one another. Some great tackles were laid by both teams as the intensity went up a notch and both teams sought to dominate. Mayne’s defence of Finlay, Harry, Hudson, Kai and Archie were ripping in and clearing the ball as quickly as it came back. Up forward Blair, Lachie, Harrison, Henry and Zavier were looking to create options and spread the Ferny Grove defence who appeared to go for height and size during this period. As the qtr drew to a close the chocolates were again shared with neither side giving an inch.

The last term commenced with coach Luxford appealing for a big effort from the team for the final term and the lads certainly appeared to buy in. The midfield was charging harder than a bull in a china shop and it wasn’t long before the first cracks in Ferny Grove resilience started to appear. Entry’s into the Mayne forward line began to increase with Alistair providing a key target forward and kicking an early goal. In defence Harrison was marshalling the troops and handing out a couple of hip and shoulders to keep the Ferny Grove forwards honest. Momentum was now with the Tigers and the entire team appeared to sense it with some great all-round team play being demonstrated right through to the final siren.

Game day awards were awarded to Charlie who has been showing some real consistency across the first three rounds and Brodie who after having to sit the first couple of weeks out made up for it with a great overall performance. Well done also to Kai who led the team with distinction all day.