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U9B Round 7 Kedron Blue Vs Mayne

Unlike these match reports to be clichéd – BUT Footy was the winner on this magnificent day. Roll call – awesome weather conditions – check, a great opponent (Kedron Blue) at the top of their game playing the game hard and with great respect and fun – check, a packed sideline with proud family & friends cheering and encouraging all the kid’s performances – check, the Mayne Under 9 black team giving their best performance to date, surpassing the previous best only the week prior – CHECK!

No quarter by quarter blow required for this game, out of respect for what this game was – 40 minutes of non-stop action. Whilst there were some stand out performances and contributions from individual team members – the collective group absolutely played as a whole and were rewarded by the level of team spirit that was displayed.

The Mayne team committed at the beginning of the game to tackle their hearts out for each other. They knew this Kedron Blue team was THE team of their league – they were skilled, tall and during their warm up, displayed skill beyond their years. In fact the Tigers only drilled on defence in their warm up. It was almost like an Origin game in its focus and intensity. The only thing missing was some mad man yelling out “kaaweeenslanderrr” from behind, as they ran out.

In all, only eight scoring shots featured in the game – the Tigers getting 3 of them, with the final one on the hooter going to the home team Kedron – the game was intense! Nick Cordingly, Thomas McIntosh scored majors and Reece Napper snaring a behind. Jax Beikoff was unlucky, having two set shots from way out with a gale at his back, but dropping agonisingly short in the final quarter.

Tackling was relentless, non-stop, arm wrestle stuff – it was like an origin game. The ball spent more time wrapped up than an Egyptian mummy. Jack Gordon topped the tackle count closely followed by Reece Napper, Pat & Nic Dalton, Sophie Martin, Bowen McTavish-Green, Bennett Huf, Joey Fernando, Nic Cordingly and Ferdi Rombola.

Myles Walsh had his best game for his debut season – making some huge tackles, getting involved in the game and getting away some great handpasses. He’s even set himself for the Leigh Matthews award for the season – snapping the goal post in half with his body in spectacular fashion (the goal post survived).

Jackson Williams also had his best game of the season – involved in a lot of play defensively, resulting in possession turnover and also managed some tight off loads in traffic.

In respect of the performance FOUR player awards were handed out – Pat Dalton was a stand out. He could have received this award many times before but his efforts today were the most outstanding. Reece Napper could not be forgotten today, with his third stand out match in a row. Myles Walsh and Jackson Williams collecting awards as they both played their best games for the season.

But it was the spirit that both teams played in that was the most impressive aspect. A harder game with more tackling has not been seen so far this year, yet and yet… the spirit at the end of the game by both teams was awesome. Both teams shook hands and cheered for each other genuinely – no little kid funny comments – they actually enjoyed playing against each other and the game they both played. Well done to both teams for this and special mention to Kedron Blue for being a great team.

The Tiger land anthem has never copped such a belting – it was screamed out from the team as they brought it in tight in the centre circle. Well played boys and girls – Footy thanks you!