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U9B Round 14 Wilston Grange Red Vs Mayne

Back to the future, in more ways than one, for Blacks’ return clash with Wilston Grange played away in chilly conditions. The team taking quite a bit of time to play within the game interpretation around tackling technique and marks awarded, not seen since the Under 8’s. Captain Nick Cordingley led out the team sans banner into some blustery conditions.

In what was one of the most spectacular starts to a game. Bennett Huf leading off from the first ball up cleared the ball with a massive one handed punch 10 metres towards goal. Nick Cordingley quickly scooped up the ball to run and clear into the forward line and contended with being cleaned up off the ball from his opponent for his efforts – play on! From an ensuing ball up twenty metres out from goal, Will Johnson then tapped out a perfect ball to Reece Napper, who swooped and kicked clear into space. Joey Fernando in his FIRST season picked the ball up running away from goal on a SIXTY degree angle snapped the ball over the left shoulder and waved his arms in the air like Phelps, as the ball sailed between the post – THE best team goal of the season to date.

The game featured some stoic displays of defence with the ball tied up in the centre and back zones. Featuring again was Myles Walsh, who after his POM performance last week featured early taking a solid mark in front of the Wilston Grange goals and clearing the ball to Pat Dalton in a nice piece of interplay. Thomas McIntosh and Jack Gordon again created multiple turnovers and supported well in the backline by Jackson Williams.

Credit must go to the Grange team, who kicked and marked solidly throughout the game and maintained possession, which created pressure for the Mayne black team. They ran to space and more importantly kicked to their cleared team mates who marked strongly. A good lesson for the Mayne team.

Second quarter initially brought pressure on our backline again, with both Nic Dalton and Bowen McTavish-Green busier than a one legged river dancer. As the pressure turned, Ferdi Rombola broke out of a forward line bustle and drilled a great kick only for it to just graze the goal post – dad Paddy, playing down the line, only rose the one white flag from his position of goal umpire. There is still debate about who out death stared whom. BUT from the return ball to play captain courageous Nick Cordingley, busted onto the ball and nailed a goal – skying the ball way over the boundary fence.

Third quarter again saw the backline under pressure. A nice piece of play featured when Bennett Huf marked in the back square, clearing to Ferdi who kicked into the centre of the zone. Nick Cordingly needed help under pressure from three grange players. Jax Beikoff barged in between the Grange players to help out. What ensued could only be described as a rolling maul, which would bring a glint to Stephen Moore’s eye, as the two marched down field until Nick Cordingly spat out of the maul and cleared the kick to the centre zone.

Sophie Martin also played well in defence featuring with some big clearing kicks under pressure. One kick led to the ball being reefed into the forward line. After several scrambles for the pill, Pat Dalton swooped and almost in identical fashion to Joey Fernando nailed a tight angled shot on the run in similar position – the Phelps’ arms came out again.

The final quarter stalled into a stop start encounter, which frustrated both teams. There was more pea flying than an Aldi sale. A couple of late flurries saw a great goal to Will after a brutal clearance from Bennett in the centres.

Player of the match was Joey Fernando, who featured in eh goal of the season and played well around the field in his debut season. The team grabbed it in tight for a rousing rendition of Tigerland.