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U8G Round 7 Aspley Red Vs Mayne

Blustery conditions welcomed the boys for their away game against the Aspley Red team at Brendale. The Aspley team were a couple of players short and as we had a 11, our boys were happy to even up the numbers. So Brodie and Harry were first to don the Aspley jumper.

Our captain for the game was Onji who proudly led the team through the banner to start proceedings. Onji, Lucas and Alastair C found it tough going from the get go as Aspley dominated the centre clearances. As we struggled to win possession out of the centre the Aspley boys kept peppering the forward zone putting our defence of Jack J, Oliver and Henry under extreme pressure. Aspley’s new recruit for the quarter Brodie was excited with the delivery he was receiving out of the middle kicking a bag of goals.

We had Harry back for the 2nd term and Jack C kindly donned the away team’s jumper, Brodie was having too much fun slotting goals and put his hand up to play another qtr. The 2nd qtr started pretty much in the same fashion with Aspley clearing the centre repeatedly, when we did go forward the Aspley defence was ruthless, Jack C showed some grit throwing himself into every contest that came his way.

The boys came into the halftime break in much need of some sustenance. Thanks to Helen Alistair G’s mum there was plenty of oranges and watermelon to be had.

We had Brodie and Jack C back for the 3rd term as Jack J and Oliver went over to assist the Aspley team. The Mayne boys had a great start to the qtr as Jackson, Harry and Henry turned the tables on the opposition clearing the ball out of the centre. Our forward line started to see plenty of the footy. And our forwards Lucas, Alistair G and Brodie were more than happy to bang in a few goals. The qtr was a much more even contest as our defence of Jack C, Onji and Alastair C made sure Aspley weren’t having it all their way.

The boys came into the last break a lot more upbeat after a great fightback in that last qtr. Jack J had to leave the game early so he swapped jumpers with Alastair C to go and help out the Aspley team.

With their confidence up the last quarter was a great contest between the two teams. The centres of Alistair G, Onji and Brodie got the ball moving forward early. Our forwards Jackson, Oliver and Henry saw plenty of the pill and managed to share the goals around. There was some excellent teamwork around the ground in the last quarter. It’s great to see what the boys have been practicing at training to start showing it on the field.

The boys finished the game off strongly. As the final siren sounded all the boys gathered in the middle of the ground to acknowledge the efforts of the Aspley team and the umpire. Then the boys belted out the tiger’s song with great gusto.

Our Team player award went to Jack Croker for his continued improvement on the field well done Jack. Also special mention to our captain for the day Onj who exemplified the standard of leadership required, well done. To all the boys who played for the Aspley team a big thank you.