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U8G Round 6 Mayne Vs Kedron Blue

Everything was in readiness as U8 Mayne Gold prepared to take on Kedron Blue at home. Everything that is with the exception of 1 umpire who somehow managed to get lost between the railway station and the ground. Luckily the Kedron Blue Team manager volunteered to fill in for the day and after a short delay our captain Oliver was able to proudly lead the team out onto the ground.

Kedron Blue came out of the blocks quickly putting immediate pressure on the Mayne midfield comprising of Alistair G, Harry and Brodie. The boys had to dig in deep to survive the early onslaught but gradually worked themselves into the game. Kedron were relentless in their attack early on and were continually putting the pill into their forward line. Baden, Bryce and Onji were continuously scrambling in defence to clear the ball with Bryce in particular throwing himself at everything. Mayne struggled to get the ball into our forward line early but once in there Henry, Lucas and Oliver worked to lock the ball in and managed to kick a couple of goals.

The second quarter commenced with the team looking to focus on our man marking and eyes on the footy. The team really put the pressure on Kedron during this period with some good interlinking play and pushing forward at every opportunity.  Kedron responded and the game picked up intensity which was epitomised with a big collision between Bryce and a rather unfortunate Kedron player. The unusually warm conditions and the fact that we were some rotations down with both Jackson and Alastair being away saw the boys looking forward to half time.

The third quarter saw the boys start a little lack lustre as the disappointment of no half time oranges appeared to affect their concentration. Lucas playing in the midfield however really stamped his authority during this period taking a number of marks and continually getting the ball forward which Jack C and Baden were able to feast on. In the backline Brodie and Oliver were ensuring the Kedron forwards weren’t having it their own way and making sure every possession was contested.

The final quarter saw Mayne come home strongly with Alistair G and Brodie dominating the midfield and quickly getting the ball forward. This saw Harry get a couple of quick early goals as the boys started to come home with a wet sail. Henry, stationed in defence was mopping up everything down back and showing some quick run off half back. Lucas continued to mark everything that came his way, mocking the Kedron players to bomb him. At the final whistle the plaudits where shared with Mayne Gold acknowledging the great effort of the Kedron team.

Man of the match this week was Lucas who really dominated the second half. Special mention also to our captain of the day Oliver who led the team brilliantly and Jack Johnson who volunteered to play for Kedron for the day as they were a player down.