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U8G Round 15 Ferny Grove Green Vs Mayne

The boys ventured out to Ferny Grove to take on the might of the Falcons. As we had 8 players for the day, Ferny grove kindly lent us player to match up the numbers.

Henry Fuller captain for the day proudly led the team out through the banner to start proceedings. After a strong performance last week, the Tigers came out of the blocks with plenty of enthusiasm. Our centre combination of Jack Johnson, Onji & Jackson saw plenty of the pill early. Their supply to our forwards Lucas and Alistair was awesome. Lucas managed a couple of goals one resulting from some great unselfish play and teamwork from Alistair handballing to Lucas in front of goal.

The boys down back in Harry, Henry and Jack Croker where strong across our defensive zone making the Falcons earn every possession.

It was a solid performance by the Tiger throughout the day. We saw some great teamwork from Jack Croker hand balling to Harry under pressure. Harry and Henry ran riot through the centre zone as they sent the ball forward on countless occasions. Jackson was everywhere in the forward half and chimed in with a few goals he was well supported by Jack Johnson and Onji who again presented well all day. Down back Alistair putting his body on the line several times.

There were some great highlights throughout the day. Jack Croker’s dashing run with ball tucked under the arm and blazing away at the goals. Jack Johnson taking a cracking mark in the centre of the ground. Harry Elsley throwing himself into every contest and kicking goals.

Again it was hard to pick the team awards but it went to 2 deserving players in Jack Croker and Alistair Gilmour well done boys and well played.

Go Tigers!!!