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U8G Round 13 Wilston Grange Red Vs Mayne

Another beautiful Brisbane winter morning presented for the game against Wilston Grange Red at home.
For the first time this year we were 1 down for the day, a big thanks to the Grange team as they had an extra player they were more than happy to even up the numbers.
The team was proudly led out through the banner by our skipper Jack Johnson. After last week’s tough game against the Wilston Grange White this game was no different. The gorillas came out the blocks firing putting immense pressure on our centre combination of Jack J, Lucas and Onji.

Brodie and Harry were kept busy defending the early onslaught but they showed the granges boys would have to earn every kick. The boys in the centre worked they way into the game and the team was rewarded with a great goal by our pocket rocket Henry who had the best goal celebration for the day.

As the game wore on the team realised they had their work cut out for them as the grange team were relentless in attack. They didn’t have it all their way though as Harry was unrelenting with his assault on the footy all day. Lucas marked a great kick from Harry out of the centre and calmly slotted it through the big sticks.

Although it was a tough contest there were some great signs throughout the game. There was the great mark by Alistair Gilmour tight on the boundary line in the forward pocket and Onji and Henry’s persistent contested attack on the footy. Also Jack Croker’s great kick out of the defensive zone in the last quarter.

The team award went to 2 boys who didn’t give up all day in Henry Fuller and the ever consistent Harry Elsley, great work boys and well deserved.
Go Tigers!