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U8G Round 12 Wilston Grange White Vs Mayne

The Tigers were away to take on the Might of the Wilston Grange Gorillas. An early start didn’t seem to affect the energy and excitement shown from the team. Alistair Gilmour was our captain for the day and he proudly led the team out through the banner to do the Captains coin toss.

Grange were one short and Baden kindly donned the oppositions strip for the qtr. The first qtr provided a real arm wrestle between the 2 sides. We had some good centre clearance work by Alistair, Jackson and Jack Croker. Both teams showed great resilience down back as neither team scored a goal in the first qtr.

Highlights of the qtr had to be the great mark by Harry in the forward zone under pressure and the rebounding efforts by our boys down back in Lucas, Onji and Henry. As the 2 nd qtr got under way Jack Johnson went to lend the grange boys a hand. The Gorillas came out hard at the footy and our centre and defensive zone was put under extreme pressure. The Gorillas were reward for the efforts with a couple of goals but it didn’t come easy as Brodie and Harry never gave up competing at every contest. 3 rd qtr saw Jack Croker go help out the opposition.

The Grange team had kicked a few goals on us early in the term. Our centre combination of Jack Johnson, Brodie & Harry worked tirelessly in the middle. Some good team play pursued which saw Henry kick the first goal for the Tigers. Brodie put his hand up to help the Gorillas in the fourth qtr. It was a much more even contest like the first. Jackson turned it on in middle bombing it into the forward zone on several occasions.

Harry took a great specky in the forward line and calmly went back and slotted it through for the 6 points. Baden was determined in defence with his darting runs out of the back half. The Grange team was definitely the hardest contested team we have played this season so far.

After the siren sounded the boys shook hands and got in a circle to a great rendition of Tigerland. Special mention to our captain Alistair Gilmour who led the team brilliantly throughout the game. The team player award went to Jackson for his great work through the middle of the ground. A big thank you to Baden Jack J, Jack C and Brodie for making up the numbers for the Wilston Grange team. Keep up the great work team Go Tigers!