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U8G Round 11 Mayne Vs Kedron Black

The team was eager to get out on the paddock after a bye round then the 3 week break. After training the house down on Thursday, Harry Elsley was deserving captain for the day and proudly led the team through the banner to start proceedings against Kedron Black.

It didn’t take long to blow off the cobwebs as Harry, Alistair Gilmour and Jack Johnson dominated the centre clearances. Harry’s eagerness for the footy saw a Kedron player come off second best and took a quick trip off the ground to receive the magic sponge treatment. Onji was on fire up forward slotting through 3 goals in the first qtr. he was well supported by Baden and Oliver as they locked the ball in the forward half for most of the qtr.

The Tigers started the 2nd qtr pretty much in the same fashion as the 1st with Jackson and Henry linking up at will and sending the ball forward. Brodie, Harry and Onji never wasted their opportunities kicking several goals.

The boys came into the main break pretty upbeat and rewarded themselves with a few oranges.

After the break the Kedron team showed they had a bit of fight left in them as the put a bit of pressure on our back half. The teamwork shown down back by the Tigers was excellent with big efforts from Alistair and Brodie a highlight. Lucas had the crowd on their feet with a booming kick out of the centre zone clearing his team mates to see it go through the big sticks, but to his disappointment was awarded a behind.

An exciting last qtr unfolded as the contest was fairly even although played mostly in our forward half. Jack Johnson showed some brilliance out of the centre tucking the pill under the arm and booming it forward on several occasions. Jack Croker and Oliver contested brilliantly up forward and the efforts didn’t go unnoticed by their team mates.

Team player awards went to Onji for his brilliant goal kicking and Jack Johnson for his efforts through the centre well done boys.

A great team effort by all involved and a special mention to our captain Harry for leading our team magnificently.

Go Tigers!!