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U9G Round 13 Mayne Gold Vs Mayne Black (Q Clash)

The awaited “Q” clash returned to home last Saturday as the Black Under 9 teamed lined up against their Brethren Gold team on Saturday.

The Gold team were outstanding in the return clash and put up a great stoush for the Black team – they deserve many accolades, with strong performances from all players.

The Black team accelerated out of the blocks from the first bounce thanks to a magnificent clearance from Jax Beikoff in the centre zone setting up Nick Cordingly for his first of two majors in quick time. In a first, the Black team then fell asleep at the wheel – letting the Gold team bounce back and soar ahead with three brilliant goals. Thomas McIntosh fell ill early on and had to leave the field for the remainder of the game.

The second quarter stagnated with the Gold team relentlessly turning over the ball and brushing through some flimsy defence of the Black team. The oranges for half time cold not come soon enough.

Whistle blows for the break oranges are grabbed and heads are done, coaches are saying something to them – blah blah blah… most likely wasn’t what was said, but something started to click… ever so slowly in the second half the team started to play…well like the Black team we know and love. Tackles started to be made, possession was maintained and the forward zone grabbed some ball.

Jack Gordon lead the way as he often does, snaring 6 scoring shots including 3 majors – one a goal of the year nomination snapped on the run, over his right shoulder, on an angle from 15 out. Captain Bowen Mctavish-Green snared a couple of minors along with Will Johnson Nic Dalton.

Pat Dalton chimed into form in the final quarter snaring four scoring shots including three goals.

A great day to celebrate a tremendous club, as both teams joined in to sing Tigerland together and congratulate each other. Player of the match was our captain Bowen McTavish-Green, who kept the team together during some sole searching moments.