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Under 10 Black Round 5 Mayne Black Vs Wilston Grange Red

Mayne 10 Black faced up against a traditional foe in the form of Wilston Grange, played on Tigers home ground – lead by our captain Bennett Huf.

The Tigers had more key players down than Donald Trump’s administration. With only 9 players to call on due to injury – we had to SOS the Tiger’s spirit and were dutifully answered by five brave souls from the under 9 Black team – Hudson Cruse, Harry Elsby, Harrison Corser, Lucas Luxford and Brodie Martin. Whilst some of the boys were about as relaxed as Jeff Fenech in a spelling bee, the rest of the team embraced them and they felt right at home very quickly.

Thanks to the effort of these boys and the above and beyond game’s from the rest of the team – spectators where left to witness a game that saw over 100 points scored with the margin at the end being only 5 points!

The start to the game set the tone for a tough quarter for the home team. Joey, Reece, Jax, Brodie and Harrison patrolled the backline for the entire game and played with great strength and passion. Wilston Grange peppered their forward line for the first seven minutes, luckily spraying more behinds than goals. Like an State of Origin, big plays were needed to switch momentum and Jax Beikoff started the first with a cruncher tackle on his opponent, close to the centre zone – the impact spraying the ball into the waiting arms of centre lead Pat Dalton.

Some great interplay from Pat and Nick C in the centres saw the ball reach the forward line for the first of only two occasions. It was all Jack Gordon needed to slot the first of his five goals for the game. Only for the defensive pressure from the Tiger backline made the score line still respectable as they only let one goal in from 7 attempts from Wilston Grange. In the only other bust out from the centre Harry Elsbey took a cracking mark in the forward line and bombed a massive kick heading straight through the goals – only to be touched on the line by his team mates.

The second quarter was much the same – yet worse – for the home team. By the end Wilston Grange landed another 5 shots, three of which were goals. The Tiger’s only had a few forays into attack. Highlights for Tigers were again defence with Jax nailing another cruncher on the opposition’s best player – despite giving away the penalty – it lifted the team’s spirits. The only score for Mayne was by Jackson Williams, who found space in the square after taking a kick from Jack. As the opposition swept on him he showed his usual strength to maintain his feet and finally broke a foot free to place the ball through the goal – unfortunately he had been taken over the line a split second beforehand.

Half time couldn’t have come quicker – boys were spent – hot and a lot of running. A couple of changes saw the team’s two big units Bennett and Thomas move into the centre to try to wrestle some control. It sparked a momentum shift – for the next seven minutes the ball never entered the Tiger’s defence. The first point for the quarter came from Nic Dalton playing in the centres – a massive kick straight through the post – unfortunately being awarded a behind as he was not in the forward zone.

With Harry, Lucas and Hudson in the forward line supporting Jack Gordon and Jacko – these boys played brilliantly – all having a couple of shots at goal and were unlucky not to get more than the one goal. Jack Gordon had a blinder grabbing 4 goals in in the quarter.

On one centre reset in the eighth minute – the centre zone tried some fancy restart methods that didn’t come off and surrendered possession for the first time in the quarter. As is with a good opposition, Wilston Grange took it with both hands and scored two shots with one major. But the championship quarter belonged to the home team and had amazingly skipped ahead by the slightest of margins.

The final quarter was a nail biter – the possession favoured the opposition after the centre zone fought a hard battle to get possession. Again defence was the highlight with Joey in particular stopping a certain goal with a cracking from behind grab, which stopped the opponent in their tracks only 2 metres out from goal. Another defensive shot by Brodie Martin turned the possession at a critical time to get the ball out of danger. Harrison Corser was instrumental at the back, directing the defensive zone toward the players and barking encouragement to his teammates.

In the end the team knew they hard fought a hard and great battle. Handshakes all round for a great and spirited contest and congratulations to the Wilston Grange team for an outstanding game. Players of the match went to Jack Gordon – and special mention to all who played in defence – Joey, Jax, Reece, Harrison, Brodie and Pat.

The team circled and grabbed it in tight for a rousing rendition of Tiger land!