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Under 10 Black Round 2 Mayne Vs Kedron Red

Mayne 10 Black faced up against a traditional foe in the form of Kedron Red, played on Tiger’s home ground. These clubs have had epic tussles, played with equal passion and great sportsmanship, over the past 2 seasons and this one lived up to the traditional expectation. Was to be great gauge to the level of development by the teams over the past 12 months.

Jack Gordon led the team out as captain for the day. The first quarter started as a nightmare for the home team with Kedron busting out of the blocks quicker than Donald Trump firing a staffer. Within one minute Kedron had racked up two majors with ease – a long day surely ahead. Slowly the home team staved of the brutal attack and slowly worked their way back into the game to find themselves going to the first break at evens.

A break time rev up from captain Jack Gordon and the tone was set early in Quarter two by the Tigers as Jaxy pulled of a crushing front on tackle only to give away a penalty – standing the mark he pulls of one of his classic smothers, retrieving the pill for the home team. Up back Nic Dalton commence one of the best defensive games seen intercepting a certain goal in the third minute at full back. The clearing kick starts a movement all the way to the forward zone with a strong mark to Bennett. Pass on to Will, who sneaks the scoreboard in favour to the home team with a behind – these points are crucial in these low scoring skirmishes.

As the ball moves back into Kedron forward line it is again Nic Dalton, who saves another certain goal with great positional play at fullback. The strong backline of Reece, Jacko and Pat are able to mark up the four Kedron forwards allowing Nic to play the sweeping full back role.

The quarter again is a tight stoush with another behind to the Kedron team until a break out move started by Pat Dalton at the back sees the ball passed onto a running Jack Gordon who punts a massive kick into the goal square of the tigers – a scramble for the ball sees Will pull out a snap over the shoulder launching an up and under not seen since Gary Owen. Under it is Bennett, who marks courageously in traffic, 3 metres out – with 3 seconds on the clock he launches it through the post for a full return and sneaks the home side in front.

Half time over and the momentum started to turn to the Tigers. Q3 starts with a Dalton brother interchange special – Nic kick pass to Pat – Nic scoots forward for Pat to kick pass back to Nic, Pat runs in support to collect a handpass from Nic then reefs the ball forward – could watch this stuff all day. Thomas picks up the ball from this play and launches his left foot missile only to just miss the goal and grab a behind. An ensuing ball up near the post sees the pressure get too much for Kedron as they resort to running the ball through their own goal – penalty is blown and Jack grabs the goal from close range.

From the centre play Nic Dalton clears the ball forward and Thomas launches again from wide out to grab a crucial goal – the team erupts, they can feel the turn. But wait… straight back the momentum swings to Kedron – as the Tigers are placed under pressure as the defence repels Kedron on no fewer than four occasions. Sophie features in three of these rallies, single handily securing possession. Jax features with another famous smother. On the fifth attempt the Tigers break and Kedron grab a behind. Then immediately grab a goal on the return play.

When another balanced quarter seemed on the cards Nick Cordingley breaks out in the forward line and runs in a goal from a trademark bust – game on!

Final quarter and the Kedron team was on top as the ball was in the Tigers defence zone for four minutes. Jacko and Reece heavily involved in curtailing any points. The ball rallying between the centre and defence zone of the Tigers – appearing that the Kedron team would come over the top…BUT then it happens, like many times before the Black Tigers rally Reece explodes onto a turn over ball and hurls it into the centres – the ball was never to return to the Kedron forward line for the rest of the game. Joey on several occasions ensuring the possession in the centre zone and keeping the ball in the Tiger’s forward line.

Upfront Will Johnson had the ball on a string scoring a goal from long out and then in the final minute his trademark over the shoulder snap for the final goal of the game and the Tigers celebrate.

Handshakes all round for a great and spirited contest and congratulations to the Kedron team for an outstanding game. Players of the match went to Sophie Martin and Nic Dalton – and special mention to Thomas McIntosh and Bennett Huf for great performances. Jack Gordon lead the team brilliantly and showed great character in sportsmanship.

The team circled and grabbed it in tight for a rousing rendition of Tiger land!