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Under 10 Black Round 10 Mayne Black Vs Everton Blue


The Under 10 Mayne Black team lined up under lights for the first time in their short career. Lead out by Jax Beikoff – the Mayne team steeled themselves for the unknown, as they met their opposition team, the Everton Blue’s in the middle of the sacred Mayne home ground. Toss was won and it was game on!

Straight out of the blocks the Mayne team felt right at home under lights. Strong centre clearances from ruck domination by Sophie and Bennett, secured good possession for Nick Cordingley to take the ball deep into the forward line, with his usual running dominance – this kid has more steps than the Opera house. Up front it was the Dalton brother’s show, yet again, with Pat and Nic – these two boys plate up goals like they are running a catering company. Nic pocketed a major and a behind, with Pat 2 majors and a behind, for the opening stanza for the team.

The second quarter was a tougher start for the home team. The centre zone of Thomas, Jack, Myles, Reece and Joey certainly had their work cut out for them, with the opposition fielding a strong zone combination for the quarter. Despite a seesawing competition for possession in the first three minutes, it was a stunning break out play from Myles and Reece. Myles was really strong securing possession and hand passing onto teammates on several occasions. He and Reece had break out games – best of the season for these two. Reece, from a standing start and a hand off by Myles, scurried clear and got a brilliant kick towards Bennett in the forward line. In one of the goals of the season Bennett played on – bounced once and slotted a running goal from 15 metres out with a whack in the back to taste some dirt for dessert. What makes this team so great – Sophie, Will and Nick C race over – pick him up and pat him on the back – would bring a tear to a glass eye!

The remainder of the quarter was a stodgy affair with the defence of the team the star. Jacko and Jax made crucial tackles and helped clear the ball out of our danger zone. Thomas was brutal in one passage picking up the pill on the run and launching one of his trademark torps that would make Roger Gould proud. Despite the defensive effort the Everton team slotted a goal. Quickly on the return play Sophie Martin takes a clutch mark 2 metres out on a tight angle from goal and slots in through for a major.

Quarter three was the first nude quarter in the team’s history – no points to either team despite some mighty efforts from Jack Gordon and Thomas up front. The possession swapped countless times and the team’s tacking was outstanding headed by Jacko, Joey and Nick C.

Final Quarter and possession came easy early on, but the team failed to capitalise by converting to majors. Bennett came close early on, but was grabbed from behind in a good tackle to thwart his attempt to score. Quickly after in one of the stranger things to see, Joey slotted what looked liked to be a goal straight through the sticks after scooping up the ball from 10 metres out. Only one flag was raised and the team got straight on with the job – a great sign of sportsmanship. It would be his first of three behinds for the quarter, the team’s only scores. Will Johnson had a strong quarter from the centre – securing lots of possession, making strong tackles and clearing the ball often into his forward line.

Game over and what a night – everyone loved the FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. Not sure if it was the dew or the cold, but the Tiger land anthem boomed and reverberated from the circle just that little bit louder.

Player of the match was tight – Myles, Joey and Jacko played outstanding games, but it was Reece who took the honours.

FIRDAY NIGHT LIGHTS – must do that again…