Where are the games played?

Click here to see a full list of the grounds Mayne Tigers play.

How are Games structured?

Auskick: Modified rules with zones, no contact, emphasis on basic skills development.

Junior: Modified rules with zones on larger ovals, catch and release, emphasis on refining existing skills and developing more advanced skills.

Youth: Standard AFL rules, no zones, positional play, full size oval.

What else will I need to purchase?

Each new member will be required to purchase from the Club:

  • A pair of black shorts (For youth players U12 and above, two pairs of shorts are required: black for Home games and white for Away games)
  • A pair of football socks

You are required to wear football boots and a mouth guard is advised in the older sections.

In addition, the club has a range of other merchandise that is able to purchase: Club Caps, Club Jackets, Mouth Guards.

When will my child receive their playing Guernsey?

The team manager will issue each player with a club Guernsey prior to the first game being played. Parents are responsible for laundering the Guernsey during the season and bringing it on game day. The Guernsey is to be returned to the club at the end of the season.

When is training held?

AFL Auskick: the first session will start at the Club on 14 February 2015. Registration opens in January for Auskick.

Junior Teams: Training is from 5:30 to 6:30pm on Thursday nights at Oxenham Park on the Number 1 oval. Register now.

Youth Teams: Training is held on both Tuesday and Thursday nights on the Number 2 oval at the following times:

  • Tuesday from 5:30 to 7pm
  • Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30pm

Auskick and Under 6s

This year AFLQ and Mayne Juniors will be continuing with the Under 6 competition – which was a great success last year. This competition is designed to transition Auskick participants to Junior football. Anyone can register, you just need to be either a participant in the 2015 Auskick program or turning six this year.

Forming the teams

Regardless of whether you child has a birthday in January or December they will be graded according to the age he or she turns in 2015. For example, if your child was born in 2006, and is turning nine in 2015, they will be placed in the Under 9 team.

As a general rule children can only play up an age group. This is done to prevent older, more developed children, playing in younger age teams.

If your child has special needs, an application can be made to play in a lower age group. This is only considered on an individual basis and is done in consultation with the league, club and the coach and parents of the younger team.

Depending on registration numbers, multiple teams may be created within each age group. For example: Under 8 – Black, Under 8 – Gold, Under 8 – White.

Can my child play in the same team as a friend?

The club will try to accommodate this wherever possible, but cannot be guaranteed.  If you would like you child to be placed in a team with someone of the same age please record this on your registration form.

How will the club Communicate with me?

The Club uses a number of ways to communicate information to parents and children about club activities:

Team Based information:

This will come from the respective team manager. This may take the form of email or text or both.

Club Based information:

E‐mail is the primary means of communication within the club and the various teams. It is a requirement that all parents provide a contact email address as part of their registration application.

The club has a Facebook site that is used to convey information such as game cancellations and ground closures and the like. We encourage you to Like the Mayne Juniors.

Will I be asked to participate in Fundraising activities?

Like any not for profit sporting club run by volunteers we rely on support from parents and the community As a result, the club does run a fundraising program as part of the registration day sign on process, where we ask parents to purchase a box of Cadbury chocolates to raise funds for the club.

In addition, the club has an arrangement with the Breakfast Creek Hotel whereby we are able to run fundraising raffles at the Hotel every Friday Night, this has been occurring since 1945! Parents will be required to (on a roster basis) to assist in selling of the raffles tickets. All profit goes directly to the club (split 50/50 with the Seniors Club) to assist in club activities. This activity is critical to the financial security of the club and as such we require parents to assist in the running of these raffles.  We envisage that if everyone in the club helped parents would only have to attend two times during the year. If you cannot assist in the running of these raffles please advise the registrar during sign up.

The club is always on the look out for club sponsors. If you have a business or know of someone who has a business that could benefit from some additional marketing through the club please don’t hesitate to let us know.

The Competitions

For Junior teams (Under 6 to Under 11) matches are played on Saturday mornings. Matches start any time from 8am to 12pm. These matches are scheduled throughout the season so that each club plays an equal number of home and away games. The League tries to ensure that matches are played between clubs within the locality.

For Youth teams (Under 12 to Under 16) matches are played on a Sunday, anytime from 8am to 2pm. Again, these matches are scheduled throughout the season so that each club plays an equal number of home and away games. The league tries to ensure that matches are played between clubs within the locality, however due to lower Youth numbers this may mean travel to clubs that are further away may be required.

The competition is broken into two groups

Junior: Under 6 to Under 11. Register here for the Junior competition.
Youth: Under 12 to Under 16. Register here for the Youth competition.


Players from other clubs

For players who played for another club in 2014 an AFLBJ Clearance Form is required to be completed and submitted.

Please contact us if you would like further information.